Wenn eine Schreibcoach schreibt II

Vermutlich habt ihr euch schon mal gefragt: Schreibt eine Schreibcoach auch selbst? Und wie ist das bei einer wissenschaftlichen Schreibcoach? Forscht und publiziert diese auch? Ich kann beide Fragen mit Ja beantworten. Und möchte euch an diesen Arbeiten teilhaben lassen. 

Im Mental Magazine analysiere ich das Strong-Woman-Label und warum es ein Danaer-Geschenk ist: 

The Strong Woman Label. An Analysis

What do you know about Naomi Osaka? That she is a fierce tennis player, who has four Grand Slam titles under her belt and whose playing style is described as powerful and aggressive? Or that she is the most talented player of her generation? And that the likes of Nike & Co have already turned her into the best earning female athlete on the planet? Or that she is an outspoken activist of the Black Lives Matter movement?

Regardless, what you have exactly heard, most of it will fit the criteria of the strong woman label. This silk ribbon of excellence appears to be covetable and innocent but leaves a sour taste on closer inspection. Ultimately, it suggests that women differ in their level and display of power.

And it also means, when there are powerful and vigorous women, there also must be some who lack these qualities, full stop. This polarisation is harmful beyond that since it invites the conclusion that women are generally lacking in courage and energy. Only the most determined may overcome this deficit and excel through lots of work and effort.

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